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Chain Migration Means Visa Lottery Brings in More People Than You Think

The Immigration Act of 1990 permanently established the Diversity Visa category. The program benefits individuals from nations that send relatively few immigrants to the United States. Eligibility is straightforward: One needs only a high-school education or two years of work experience in certain jobs to qualify. Millions of people apply every year for the 50,000 green cards (read more)

A letter from Brian McCann

First I want to thank Christine Chalkey and her team for organizing a media event at the State Fair this Wednesday. Erin and I will attend and Eric Brady will be there and perhaps Ray Tranchant and Don Rosenberg will attend from their homes in Virginia and California. So the rally will have at least two  Illinois family members who have lost loved ones.
Next, I want to thank Bret Baier from FOX SPECIAL REPORT who attracted national attention with his interview with Governor Rauner and his questioning him about family members requesting a meeting to discuss SB 31. This measure would make the entire state a sanctuary state and in our view compromise citizen safety.
Also, William Kelly, who is running against Rauner in the Republican primary, is staging a rally tomorrow night at 6:30 P.M. at the WTTW studios at 5400 N. St. Louis. Kelly has been an outspoken critic of SB31. Kelly tells me national media will be there.
Moreover, I want to thank Fran Eaton at Illinois Review, Michael Volpe at the Daily Caller ,Teri O’Brien who had me on her show last night, John Kass of the Tribune who wrote a brilliant column against Rahm Emmanuel’s foolish law suit. Marc Cox of 97.1 in St. Louis who pressed Rauner a few weeks ago on his show. Laura Ingraham, I’m told mentioned Denny when pinch hitting for Tucker Carlsion and above all Bret Baier who called me Friday mid-day before taping the Rauner interview. As you all know, that created quite a buzz nationally that will give impetus to our cause. Bret indicated that he will ask Tobin and Finn the two Chicago Fox guys to do follow-up interviews. I will try and reach them to meet us in Springfield. I must confess, however, Anne Coulter’s remarks on the one hand appreciative, but please kindly refrain from the insults. We in the immigration enforcement community should be above that sort of rhetoric.
Next, I want to thank the good folks at FAIR, CIS, and other national organizations who are supportive of our efforts these next few weeks.   I  should add Jessica Vaughan gave a workshop to 35 Sheriffs mainly from Illinois a few weeks ago and encouraged them to oppose SB 31.
Denny’s daughter Courtney and my wife Erin dined with Jessica in Evanston,
Moreover, Gerald Bromley from the Patriot Fire Coalition who has steadfastly supported my family in particular and the cause generally. Gerald, as well as Bill Kelly, alerted me to the event at WTTW tomorrow night. Gerald has also tried to reach Illinois
Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider for help in securing a meeting with Governor Rauner.
Last, as many of you know nine of us who lost loved ones started an organization called Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien crime(AVIAC) last June at the National Press Club in DC. Our organization’s members are available for interviews anytime anywhere to educate the public on the seriousness of illegal alien crime Our next major assignment will be to meet with U.S. Senators to pass Kates law and the sanctuary measure passed in the U.S. House last June. The web site is AVIAC.US
Please keep in mind that all are encouraged to attend or report this Wednesday, August 16th at the DIRECTOR’S LAWN, ILLINOIS STATE FAIR  before 1 P.M. GATE 7. ALSO WTTW STUDIO TOMORROW NIGHT @6:30 P.M. August 14th.
In closing.
“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a  cause to be just”
Abraham Lincoln
Brian McCann   773 451 6034