Breitbart: ICE Officers Round Up 113 Criminal Aliens in New Jersey Sweep

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 113 criminal illegal aliens in New Jersey this week during a five-day “enforcement surge.”

Officers targeted criminal aliens throughout the state during an operation from June 5 to 9. Officials reported 93 of the illegal aliens arrested had criminal convictions and 87 percent of those arrested had felony convictions, according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from ICE officials. (read more) 


Guest Post: How do you feel about Sanctuary Cities Now Urbana?

How do you feel about Sanctuary Cities Now Urbana?

by Ray Tranchant, Catlin


I wrote an OPED in the Gazette a few months ago (01/29/2017) about the dangers associated with Cities that declare themselves Sanctuaries in order to protect illegal aliens: people that have either over extended their work visa or just walk across the desert or Rio Grande to make their way to Urbana from other countries. A majority are from South America and in some way had to cross into Mexico and entered the US, for many reasons.

An Urbana City Council Member, Eric Jakobsson from Ward 2, wrote an opposing viewpoint OPED and both were published on the same day, January 29th in the Guest Commentary section.

My view was and still is that Sanctuary Cities are umbrellas, created to protect illegal aliens from Immigration and Custom’s (ICE) authorities to the point of not reporting crime data or even crimes to Federal Authorities. This prevents the non-citizens that commit felonies from being placed in a National Database, similar to the FBI, HLS, and other Intelligence Agencies that cross check and identify criminals. This becomes a security issue to fellow Americans if they cannot be identified.

Mr. Jakobsson voted with the other 5 to an opposing 2 about a week before New Year’s Day 2017 to maintain Urbana’s Sanctuary City Status. He explained that the 1,300 undocumented immigrants in Urbana, in a certain sense, are nobody special. They work among us, live among us, send their children to our schools — they are us.”

I warned that illegal crime factions flock to Sanctuaries that protect their status. We only have 3 Sanctuaries in Illinois, and Urbana is one of them. Criminals hide under the umbrellas. The only problem with this logic is that Urbana can’t guarantee that they will stay there.

Just like Urbana, Chicago is a Sanctuary City as well. To top it off, Cook County has a real budget crisis. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is paying from 2-4 million dollars to issue ID cards for illegal aliens, that are totally useless outside of Cook County.

Somehow by issuing these identification cards they believe it legitimizes their non-citizen status. Emanuel added as rhetoric that recipients of the cards would also include the” homeless.”

Chicago hasn’t cared as much about the homeless in past years as they have about the 230,000 illegal immigrants living in the gerrymandered “headphone” District – the shape that resembles a headphone on Google Map. It amazes me that they can waist that much of Illinois tax payer dollars on this program.

Five days after Mr. Jakobsson and 5 other colleagues voted to retain Urbana’s Sanctuary Status, LaDonna “Jeannie” Brady was working the New Year’s Day shift at the American Legion in Champaign. She bar-tended there and was driving back home to Mahomet, Illinois : a very long day for her.

She had taken the same exit on I-74 a hundred times before, and was greeted at the bottom of the interchange by two headlights. The rest of the details of the crash was not released to the public by the Illinois State Police until April 26th, at least the entire story.

Jeannie died at the hospital, and the man who killed her was driving on the wrong side of I-74. His name was Estaban Tomas Juarez, Estaban Juarez-Tomas, Estaban Juarez Tomas and Victor Ochoa. I think you get my drift.

He had a BAC of 3 times the legal limit and was taken to the hospital as well. There, he was given an appearance citation by the ISP Officer. Estaban had been deported 3 previous times and had a Guatemalan passport, however he didn’t use it to enter the Country.

This is the really sad news. ISP did not place him on hold or call ICE. Juarez walked out of the hospital and fled.

Until he is incarcerated and brought back to Illinois, he will remain a free man. Bear in mind he committed (3) felonies prior to the manslaughter of Jeannie Brady. ICE deported him back to his home country of Guatemala three times previously for committing felonies in the US. He had to break in through the desert because ICE would have pulled him at the checkpoint crossings.

He continued to come back to the Sanctuary that Urbana provided for him. The Illinois State Police botched this case up so badly trying to be “politically correct” that they would not answer phone calls or requests for information until 3 months after the incident -plenty of time for this criminal to take a pleasure cruise to the far corners of the earth. Maybe they will learn from this and never let it happen again.

I have bonded with her husband, Eric an IT specialist. He is still in shock, like I was when my daughter and her friend were killed by an illegal who moved from Sanctuary to Sanctuary. The good thing about Tessa Tranchant and Ali Kunhardt’s killer is that he has just finished 10 years of a 40 year sentence in Greenville, a maximum Security Prison in Virginia. He still can’t speak English (obviously he had no intention of assimilating) after 10 years, but there is one thing that I do know. He is sober.


‘Secret’ Sanctuary State Bill Set To Pass Illinois Legislature

In response to President Trump, a secret sanctuary state act has just passed the Illinois senate and now it’s being fast-tracked in the state house. The bill cleared a state house committee Wednesday, inching it closer to Gov. Rauner’s desk. Not that a single Illinois voter knows about it – other than non-citizen “voters” being organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to lobby for its passage. (Read More)


It Looks Like Another Illegal Immigrant Is Behind A Brutal Murder Photo of William J. Kelly

The immigration status of a Mexican national with a violent criminal history is being questioned after the murder of another innocent young American woman.

This terrible crime might remind you of the death of another innocent young woman – Kate Steinle. On July 1, 2015, Steinle was shot in the back and killed by an illegal immigrant, who had been deported five times, (read more)